Course structure

There are SIX Modules, which each contain several units. You can choose to complete all six Modules and receive accreditation for the course from the Catholic Education Service. Or you can choose the non-accredited route and complete only the Modules and Units that you want to learn about

Module structure:

  • Modules should take 20-60 minutes to complete (please see estimated timings below).
  • You can choose to deepen your understanding on any particular Module through suggested further reading and links to other resources.
  • You can save your progress as you go along. That means you don’t need to complete a module all in one go!

Choose language:

  • This course has been produced in both the Welsh language and the English language.
  • To toggle between languages, please select the Welsh/English icon at the top of the page.

At the end of the course:

  • You’ll understand the new statutory requirements for teaching Relationships, Sex and Health Education and some key principles for applying these in a Catholic context.
  • You’ll have had the chance to think about how the new requirements relate to you and your pupils, as well as their parents.
  • You’ll have been introduced to Catholic Educational material – including a model curriculum cited as an example of good practice – and resource lessons that meet the new requirements.

On your marks

This course contains audiovisual content, so you might like to use headphones.

At various points in the course you’ll be asked to write down ideas that come to mind, so you might want to get a pen and paper now and have it ready.

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Module 1: Teaching RSE in a Catholic Context

45-60 mins


Module 6: Resources & External Visitors

45 mins


Generate Certificate

Once you've completed the quizzes from Modules 1 - 6 you can generate a certificate.